Thursday, April 13, 2023

On the reinstatement of Black Tennessee House Democrats Justin J. Pearson and Justin Jones

Good work, Tennessee Republicans, You didn't silence these guys, they're still in legislature, you made them heroes of a movement and national political figures. I'm surprised you're not in favor of gun reform, because you just shot yourselves in the nuts.

To the white supremacist, anti-American cunt Cameron Sexton and every white supremacist, Anti-American cunt member of the white supremacist, Anti-American cunt-filled Republican Party: 

Watching you white supremacist, Anti-American cunts having your entire legacies reduced to being publicly bent over the gravestone of white supremacist, Anti-American, Christian hate by heroes with afros is fucking beautiful. 

And we're just getting started with you white supremacist, Anti-American cunts.

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