Sunday, February 12, 2023

"The Talk"

We have the talk
False sense of security
Placebo wording
Steeped in faith
Might save some of us
Will never save most of us

We have different talks
On one single subject
How to stay alive
How to survive
An encounter
With the police

Each age has its own talk
Each situation has its particularities
Refresher courses mandatory
After each incident
After each funeral
We review, adjust and edit

It isn’t only about keeping safe
It’s a security blanket,
A soothing mechanism
An illusion of control
A mantra for our minds
So we don’t lose our minds

It’s also our training
Training on de-escalation
Training on self-control
Training on communication
Training on hostage negotiation
Training on life saving tricks

But despite all out talks
We still too often end up
With a bullet in our back
With a knee on our neck
With an arm choking us
Ultimately in the ground

February 11th, 2023

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