Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Could these losers be any more pathetic? Can their embarrassment to America in the face of the entire world reach any lower?

- Can't go out in the rain because they're just too big of pussies?

- Begging for money on the streets instead of going to work and taking care of their families?

- Getting lost driving in a circle?

- Bragging about the most ridiculous and easily demonstrable lie the country has heard since Fuckstick Trump had to stop talking for seven seconds to stuff four Big Macs into his mouth at one time?

Just fucking pathetic. So much shame being an American when we share the same air with these fucking losers and free-loaders.

BLM was on the streets for months being brutalized and murdered for defending actual human rights and resisting systematic police brutality and systematic murder of black men by police. Brian "He Man" Brase quit after three days to panhandle enough working people's money to afford powdering his vagina because of ... mist.

Having other people pay for his spa day is the best win he's ever gonna have. 

Enjoy those fluffy clouds of lavender, Brandon.

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