Monday, June 10, 2024


I think that we suffer in the west a little bit from life dysmorphia. You hear a lot about body dysmorphia or gender dysmorphia. We've got life dysmorphia. A lot of people think their life is terrible because there's kind of the hedonic treadmill. You get used to how great your life is.

No one had a hot shower until 50 years ago. So I try and do this thing when you stand in a hot shower. George Mac, my friend, pointed this out to me, went, well, look, when you stand in a hot shower, just for a moment, just go, well, no one that you admire from 100 years ago had this simple pleasure in life. And when you look at the world that we live in, we're like, you're doing. There's been 100 billion people ever. Right? We are in the top, top percentile in terms of the luck that we have had.

The lives like the calorific intake that we just take for granted, the fact that our children don't die in the first year, the modern medicine and our lives and the entertainment that we get, we're living like kings. And yet life has never been objectively better and subjectively worse. Because the nature of humanity is our desires are mimetic. So we've got this thing where we sort of, you know, how happy are you? Well, it's your quality of life, minus envy. That's how happy you are. And it's easy to look at everyone else and how they're doing and not take pleasure in what you have.

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