Friday, June 7, 2024

"Filling Up My Bath Again: Skeleton"

Am I worthy? Dissonant words, rejoinder it quickly,
My privilege of greediness, a pot of tears,

Showing off your burned skin, cataclysmic, we swam, the daydreams.
You walked our steps without me, your promises vanished.

I had trust, you held my neck, choked it, blood emerged out of my mouth,
I thought you would like it, your voice so quiet, for me too loud.

Always checked if you gave me attention,
Saw only beauty behind the dirty cage, my presence.

Wrong passion, my head wouldn't let the pictures burn,
Only came back to you, my day routine, my return.

I gave everything I had, nothing left for me, fought for you as a skeleton soldier,
No heart, missing organs, my soul, my bones hold me, my thoughts, not anymore sober.

It never ends, still pushing my head under the water,
You're my passion, can't live without you, can't climb up this imitating ladder.

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