Sunday, February 18, 2024


It's gonna be such a funny mess when Donald Trump dies of a stroke on April 1st, 2024.

  • Naturally everybody will think it's fake because of the date only to lose their minds (both positively and negatively based on their opinion of trump) when realizing it's real
  • There will be massive celebrations in the streets and on social media and lots of predictable "don't speak ill of the dead" discourse about those celebrations
  • Weird evangelicals will pull some weird number trick talking about how Jesus was conceived on April 1st and that makes Trump a sort of messiah and people will make fun of that
  • The Republicans (after they're done with the faux-sadness and faux-outrage) will stomp over each other to be his successor but none of them will succeed. They'll tear each other apart and have no single nominee for the November elections.
  • There will be discourse about if Biden and the living former presidents should go to his funeral (they won't, he was a traitor insurrectionist)
  • The Ukraine-Russia War immediately goes in favor of Ukraine as morale in the Kremlin is reduced. China similarly backs off from its threats on Taiwan.
  • Ten thousand new memes are made, some sticking around for years to come.
  • Not a month later a bunch of unofficial biographies of Trump hit the bookshelves, many with new details about just how awful he was. 

Don't [it's perfectly fine to] speak ill of the dead.

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