Wednesday, January 17, 2024


My reading of the Creation story in Genesis suggests that God never left the Garden that day; he never let the gate open by accident. No, God never left the Garden at all! The evil side of his personality showed up instead.

These poor kids were duped by a mentally-impaired maniac, hell-bent on getting his jollies on their suffering. He told Adam he would forever have to plow the fields to eat, and told Eve she would have great pain in childbirth — and submit to her husband.

Reading the Bible takes not only a lot of coffee (with a spoonful of pessimism), but it also requires a good sense of humor: the stories are simply outrageous nonsense. It is clear these stories were written by men who wanted to control others, including their wives, and they used these tall tales to try to explain the unexplainable.

In sum, the Bible might have been written by a couple of dudes sitting around smoking doobies all day. The story of the “Fall” was no doubt written by some dude whose wife didn’t want to put up the new bathroom tile the way he wanted, and so they had a fight, and she moved back in with her mother, and now he’s got to do his own damned laundry, and he hates her.

Ok, ok: the Bible is a diary for madmen. It’s called the Bible because it’s the handbook for how lunatics try to exert their crazy-assed way of life on others.

It the Cadillac of cult books.

Being in a cult, like any organized religion, requires:

The Leader to tell the followers who and what to fear

The Leader to tell the followers that he alone can save them, that he alone will fight for them, and that he alone can be trusted to protect them

The Leader closes off and shuts out any and all voices of dissent by telling followers “they lie to hurt you”

Those who have spent their lives following a religious Leader like God give their minds over to fear, false hope, and the believing of lies.

There’s another cult that has become popular with naïve followers, and they too are being told who to fear, who to trust, and that what others say is “fake news.”

The Cult of Trump.

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