Sunday, September 24, 2023

"It Walks

It walks.
That is,
it puts one foot in front of another
and moves in the direction of its face,
which is in the front of it,
and in the direction its eyes are looking,
if its eyes are in its face.

While it walks
it can look at scenery,
or think, if it thinks,
or just move closer to an ant
or a new job
or a piece of log to sit on
in between the walking.

Then it sits:
it lowers its ass, which is the hind part,
onto the log,
if it has an ass.
Because if it doesn’t
it lies.

That is,
its entire body rests upon the log
and all its legs fold under
or spread out
or go in the air
depending on how its legs are attached,
and where.

And arms,
if it has arms,
which are legs
that are not needed to walk on.

If it has arms
and legs
and an ass
it can ride a bicycle!

Then the scenery goes by much faster
if it is looking at scenery,
and it gets where it is going faster
if it is going somewhere.

it can do it more often
between sunrise and sunset
or between sunset and sunrise
if it does it at night.
That is,
if it can do what it is doing
on a bicycle.

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