Wednesday, May 31, 2023

"All My Friends Are Finding New Beliefs 

All my friends are finding new beliefs.
This one converts to Catholicism and this one to trees. 
In a highly literary and hitherto religiously-indifferent Jew
   God whomps on like a genetic generator. 
Paleo, Keto, Zone, South Beach, Bourbon. 
Exercise regimens so extreme she merges with machine.
   One man marries a woman twenty years younger 
and twice in one brunch uses the word verdant;
   another’s brick-fisted belligerence gentles 
into dementia, and one, after a decade of finical feints and teases 
like a sandpiper at the edge of the sea, 
decides to die. 
Priesthoods and beasthoods, sombers and glees, 
high-styled renunciations and avocations of dirt,
   sobrieties, satieties, pilgrimages to the very bowels of  being … 
All my friends are finding new beliefs 
and I am finding it harder and harder to keep track 
of the new gods and the new loves, 
and the old gods and the old loves, 
and the days have daggers, and the mirrors motives, 
and the planet’s turning faster and faster in the blackness
and my nights, and my doubts, and my friends, 
my beautiful, credible friends.

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