Monday, January 23, 2023

A jury deliberated for [only] two hours before unanimously convicting Richard “Bigo” Barnett on all eight counts in his indictment.

Prosecutors asked the judge to jail Barnett while he awaits sentencing. Justice Department prosecutor Alison Prout said the jury concluded that Barnett took a weapon into Pelosi’s office. “We can only imagine what would have happened if (Pelosi) had been there at the time,” Prout said.

Barnett, 62, testified last Thursday that he was looking for a bathroom inside the Capitol when he unwittingly entered Pelosi’s office and encountered two news photographers. He said one of the photographers told him to “act natural,” so he leaned back in a chair and flung his legs onto the desk. [He left Nancy Pelosi a handwritten message: "Nancy, Bigo was here, bitch."]

“I was just in the moment,” Barnett said. “I’m just kind of going with the flow at this point.”

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