Sunday, April 17, 2022

Some recently seen book blurbs that grabbed my attention:

Iosi Havilio - Paradises
"Albert Camus reimagined with a female lead in in twenty-first-century Buenos Aires."

Georgi Gospodinov - The Physics of Sorrow
"Georgi Gospodinov wants to blow your mind — or maybe just provide the ultimate bathroom reader."

Anna Kavan - Who Are You?
“To write about this finely economical book in any terms other than its own is cruelly to distort the near-perfection of the original text. There is a vision here which dismays.”

Pedro Lenz - Naw Much of a Talker
"... translated from its innovative Swiss vernacular back into the Glaswegian that was its original inspiration."

Sam Pink - Hurt Others
"Just sit back, drink a piss-infused Bloody Mary, and learn to hurt others."

Noah Cicero - The Collected Works, Vol 1
"A supreme introduction to the neurosis of Noah Cicero, Collected Works Vol. 1 contains the early masterpieces by the greatest minimalist writer ever to hail from Youngstown, Ohio."

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