Wednesday, April 20, 2022

"O Fortuna"

Good luck! Best wishes! The best of luck! 
The very best! Godspeed! God bless you! 
Peace be with you!
May your shadow never be less!
We can see through to the other side,
you see. It’s your problem, we know,
but I can’t help feeling a little envious.
What if darkness became unhinged right now? 
Boomingly, swimmingly one remounts the current. 
Here is where the shade was, the suggestion of flowers, 
and peace, in another place.
Our competition is like tools of a certain order.
No one would have found them useful at first.
It wasn’t until a real emergency arose, that someone 
had the sense to recognize for what it was.
All hell didn’t break loose, it was like a rising psalm 
materializing like snow on an unseen mountain.
All that was underfoot was good, but lost.

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