Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Saw this in an article - The Independent, I think - about Brits being freaked out over BRAND NEW CHERRY FLAVOR. Yes, it was released last year but let's just agree than non-Americans have better things to do than binge on our crap every time anyone drops one on Netflix, Prime, Hulu, Paramount+, YouTubeTV, Disney+ .....

It's terrific, by the way and Catherine Keener is just fucking brilliant. 

Think witch. 

(Think ALL witches, as Emma said.) 

Think Helen Mirren's Morgana intertwined with increasingly unique post-menopausal, post-GWB Margaret Atwood and a voice that seductively slips between Julie London and Colleen Dewhurst living in the world's greatest solarium where you know that somewhere in (at least) one of the corners there is a captive, homesick wood-elf humming Noël Coward and handcuffed to a Pre-Civil War copper distillery empowered under duress by the last Karankawa monanguia*.

Anyways, this six months later "I'm disturbed" shit is hilarious.


* I'm allowed. Let your knee-jerk go.

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