Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Republicans in America really are this fucking stupid. Religion poisons the mind and exterminates all possible reasoning abilities.

Note to Republicans:

JFK was born in 1917, which is to say 10-20 years older than the Band of Brothers. He would currently be 104 years old if he had not BEEN ASSASSINATED ... 58 years ago.

If you meant it was JFK, Jr masquerading as the twice-impeached, one-term former guy, he was KILLED in a plane crash almost 23 years ago. 

And no, none of the Kennedys share a swingin love nest condo with Elvis in Missouri, Montana, or Mara Lago. 

JFK dead √
JFK, Jr dead √
Elvis dead √
Richard Nixon dead √
Jesus dead √

Moreover, you brain dead excuses for living organisms, even their crumbling bones couldn't bear the shame of wearing a stinking, sweat-soaked, coke-infused, elderly fat suit with a full diaper dripping down their legs before they even huffed and puffed struggling to reach the podium.

Funny how y'all never have an answer for why the former guy would be hiding in his bunker - too afraid to go out in public - and paying a corpse he raised from the dead to impersonate him.

These people have the legal right to vote in our country.

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