Friday, September 27, 2019


I don’t know if you got the chance to glance at any of today’s headlines, but today the Republican Party as we’ve come to know it officially came to an end. Sure, those in control are going to lurch around for a bit and fling chaos in every direction as their power melts away, but as of today it is done. The time is now for everyone across the entire political spectrum to come together and rejoice! Hip-Hip-Hooray! Hip-Hip-Hooray! Hip-Hip-Hooray!

Today is also a good day to point out that what has happened to our politics over these past decades has never been an attack on liberalism. Liberalism has flourished in these times. Season Liberally™ is now a Penzeys trademark and it’s probably pretty valuable as trademarks go. The target of the unlimited political spending that has done such great damage to America has always been our conservative values. And up until today they’ve hit their mark time and time again, not only taking control of the Republican Party, but ridding it of everything that lives within the values of conservation. Today is a day for conservatives to rejoice as well.

But none of today’s goodness could have happened without people just like you keeping your hope alive, without people just like you continuing to care. The rule of law made a big return in America today, but that could never have happened if there were no one like you still caring that there is a difference between right and wrong. Thank you! This is the evening to get your free fortified $30+ Vote for Hope box with added Soul Pin and Embrace Hope magnet. You’ve earned it.

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And if you’re not sure how to reach $30 in spending to get your free shipping, we’ve made additional Hope boxes just $10 each to simplify the math. They make great gifts and the holidays aren’t that far off.

And I say this without snark and without any conscious desire to manipulate, but today really was a very-very good day for conservatives. It’s the forces that took control of your party and stripped it of its values that lost today. There is absolutely no reason conservatives can’t be on the good guys’ side when it comes to racism, health care, refugees, affordable accessible birth control, gender equality, and pretty much every pressing issue of today. Conservation was virtually named after you. The forces that twisted conservative values into opposing conservation lost big today. That is a Victory for every living thing on this planet. Seriously, REJOICE!!!

Our nation’s enemies didn’t co-opt the Republican Party for no reason. America and its voice for freedom and against dictatorships matter to people everywhere. We have our work cut out for us to unravel the corruption that has taken hold of the republican-held branches of our government. To truly mend this damage both conservatives and liberals will have to find common goals. To get back on course America is going to need both our oars in the water. It’s time for you conservatives to get off of the sidelines and back into the game.

And I respect conservatives too much to cut republicans any slack until they’ve rooted out every bit of the virus that took over their party and turned it into a force for radiating cruelty. Or maybe the time has come to bury the republican brand and restart as something new or simply become a branch of the party still standing. Either way, after today those of you who see yourselves as conservatives now have your chance to take back your values. The opening is right there in front of you. Please get to it.

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