Tuesday, May 14, 2019

James Broughton - “Tristan at the Seashore” 
Apathy and delirium sun themselves on the porch.
All the old dragons loll along the beach.
Such lightning has rather a hazy lurch.
The rabbits are very pink around here, said Tristan.
What twitters the duckling dreams?
Catamount jars wilt away in the sand
for the scalawag sock-maker has long since skipped.
Monkeyshine and mollycoddle walk hand in hand
buying mouse miracles in every shop.
Sloth and wheedling play ball in the hammock.
All the cold boas curl around the deck.
Not much wind for propping up a rope trick.
These glassblowers have very thin bottlenecks, said Tristan.
What withers all goldfish schemes?

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