Monday, November 27, 2017

Zen Chants - Thirty-Five Essential Texts with Commentary

Our life may be seen as a dance in which one foot represents pluralism and the other singularism. At any given moment, one foot touches the ground. The next moment, we use both. The moment after that, the other foot is on the ground by itself. If there is a slight misstep, we wobble. If we step stiffly, we become rigid. Each step is a challenge.

Can we see our dance in life and meditation as something other than switching between these seeming opposites? When the dancing flows naturally, singularism and pluralism are no longer in opposition. The opposites merge, allowing us to dance freely and gracefully. This is the manifestation of wisdom beyond wisdom, which is a wholesome experience of freedom from and integrity in pluralistic and singularistic understanding and action.

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