Friday, July 24, 2020

“The Unexpected”

You say the beat grabbed you, then the rhyme stabbed you
But can’t prove it was my clients Doom and Babu?
I rest my case - the witness never showed up
They both kept heat on the street and had it sewed up
Defense was wise, complete with alibis
What the informer told the coroner was a pile of lies
Beat the rap in a court of law
Free to beat the crap out the snitches while protectin and extortin the poor
Expect to expect the unexpected
Check for wreck, tons up under or in front of Han detected
Thunder for breakfast, sun a hundred sons in under a second
Whoever disrespect neck get disconnected
Off the record macho steel cage tiger stripe
Metal Fang strike a virgin’s Macho Libre biker type
Rigged for a fake drawer, that’s what the paper do Pick more cake score HD pay-per-view
It’s much safer for you to cry dry tears for years
Dun-da-da-dah Villain here, no fears
It is what it is ‘cept it ain’t what it used to be
That’s news to me choose to be free musically
Take it from Doom-Deini the crew meanie
Act like you don’t know or even if you see me
In it for the green zucchini, so we can get a new Beemie
For Babu, the 1 and 2’s genie
“Don’t start none, won’t be none”
“Your game, I’m above it, it’s combat”
“My advice, quit talkin, it’s over” - “no doubt”
“You don’t know-know-know-know what it’s about”
Question~! Nigga… have you ever heard of Sean?
Hell yeah but I prefer my Uncle Murda songs
I’m sorta whack like, +Hancock+ movie
Shorty dropped to her knees sayin “Hand cock to me”
Box of chop suey, flowin through outerspace
+Ring the Alarm+ this nigga tryin to Mock-Fu me
Pop shots to he, damn that’s bad grammar
Fuck a senior citizen, bad gramma jammer
Rap like a 'Bama ('Bama) sound like pork chops
Slapped with the hammer change his diet into full pop
Unorthodox socks, knee high, Jason Terry
Maverick, stab a chick when chasin fetti
My mind on my money (money) money on my mind (mind)
This 9 on my waist guaranteed money all the time (time)
Whack rappers always argue over faggot shit
I argue with Dru about seekin new management
“Duck Season 3” officially in Haters Town
Be sure to bring your maters call, and lazer sounds
They flied in, migrated, that’s why I waited
The whole time eye and balls dilated
Flier was faded, the date was right though
Hoe it ain’t nuttin but my hound dog Nitro
Go get 'em boy, Villain found some dinners
After I finished skinnin 'em y'all can split the innards
Innards, Lynard Skynard - why did I say that?
Not to fuck up the ebony flow of said track
Head crack, I always throw sixes
Return to Ike Turner, I always throw bitches
You know the flow vicious - new and improved shit
No time for arguin - do what you do bitch
I like sneakers and I like bud
Catch me smokin right in front of the Flite Club

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