Thursday, March 19, 2020


The princess entered the jungle full of lotuses and sandalwood trees. Searching far and wide, she saw a mother tigress covering her eighteen cubs. The cubs nuzzled close to her, but her milk was finished and they had nothing to drink. Exhausted, they were close to dying. The mother tigress was also on the brink of death; her flesh and blood had wasted away.

Seeing this, the princess felt unbearable compassion and thought, “I will offer them my own flesh and blood.” Drawing closer, she made this aspiration:
Triumphant buddhas of the past, present, and future—bear witness.

When I offer my own body as a gift,
may the tigress over there live and thrive!
May my wish be fully accomplished.
May I free all beings, as many as I can imagine,
from the depths of the round of rebirth.

Translated by Chönyi Drolma

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